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Saturday, October 13, 2001
      ( 6:46 PM ) Jackie  

Blog in the News Again

Philo emailed me to let me know that the USA Today article on blogging was out yesterday. I haven't found a copy but did see the online version. . It was a real disappointment, totally shallow and a bit "random", to use a Choireism. First off, it started with blah blah about a guy who used blog to"criticize peace protesters and link to a song, I Wanna Bomb Osama."

I'd write The Story, except that Choire says he will after he gets some rest.

The Big Question for me is "Did the print version have a picture of Choire???" And, if not, could someone please send me one--preferably without a cigarette up his nose lol!

Thanks to bloggers who have written me. I had some trepidation when I started this. But a welcome note from Chris and
Ernie's hilarious rendition of HIS Mom's blog calmed my fears.

Meanwhile, Ariel told me about her fabulous mother. I hope she (Ariel's mother, though Ariel would certainly be welcome as well) will look me up in her travels. Also, I was thinking that if I shaved my head like her (Ariel's mother), I wouldn't get so sweaty playing the drum.

Aaron! You have a soul. We need to talk!!!!!

I can't believe that George's friend came to Oakland and ate SUSHI!!!! We have the best Ethiopian food. (Though we do have excellent Sushi as well of course!) Oh, my! Next time check out the Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique on Telegraph Ave just south of 41st Street. Too good! And cheap, too. Annette, Claudia, Yolanda, and I stuffed ourselves Thursday night for only $24.40. Also, they are open late -- well late for Oakland anyway.

Today Ellen and I went to the Native AmericanPow Wow at Martin Luther King Park in Berkeley. It was good to be away from reports of more Anthrax and "Smart" bombs that missed the target by 1.6 kilometers!!!!!! I had to remind myself that I am unemployed and shouldn't buy that ring and that necklace and.....Yes, I do like to shop. It was really hot! Ellen bought us ice cones. Mine was cherry. yum.

On the way home on the BART the train shut down for a few minutes while the BART folks got someone off the tracks. They didn't have to scrape him, just escort him off. I want to run and find him and get his story. This is like popping into a movie theater; it's the wrong theater but the few seconds you see are intriguing. Of course the first thing anyone on the train said was "Did he have a bomb."

We're a little jittery out here, too.

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