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Friday, October 19, 2001
      ( 4:04 AM ) Jackie  

Caught Napping

The last thing I remember is that I was watching the 6pm "News". Then I was dreaming, dreaming all sorts of strange and some wonderful things and finally dreaming that I was napping and that it was 4:30 in the morning. Then I woke up. It was 10:30pm. I am so screwed! I have to meet someone at 9 am.

I've had an entertaining time, though. I put up some pix and sent them to I had gone to their nonprofit career fair a few weeks back. Since I hadn't taken any pictures for a while, I brought my camera. Not very interesting unless you are involved with Except for the one of the woman I fell in love with. I hope I have that scrap of paper somewhere!

Then I organized some pictures from the September 7 Women in Black gathering in San Francisco. I was pleased that I have a picture of Tory and one of Rochelle and several of Linda Susan, one of my drumming sisters and also an amazing singer. There is Jennifer's daughter, too, who looks just like her! And also my neighbor Miriam. And Elanna, too!

Philo and I IM'd, which was very cool. We made some decisions about which I will certainly write later on.

I uploaded the Women in Black pictures, using Picture Trail. I've used Shutterfly in the past but thought I'd try this. I like Picture Trail because it displays the thumbnails and displays the pictures in a larger format. I like Shutterfly because it is very easy to upload and organize the photos. Uploads can be done many pix at a time and are loaded directly into the desired album. Picture Trail loads pix one at a time into an Inbox. Then it is a two step process to put them into an album. So for now I'm playing with both.

Now I hope I can sleep for a few hours before getting up at 8.

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