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Wednesday, October 10, 2001
      ( 11:16 PM ) Jackie  
A couple of changes at 11:32

Tonight's rehearsal went well. Yolanda was relieved I think as we were a little spotty on Sunday night. See the Luna Sea website for information -- and a couple of my photos. It is very cool to see them there! Now I have to figure out what to wear. My clothes are soooo boring, not bright and colorful as requested.

Kosar who is twelve hurt her arm in a flag football game. Seems she was tackled, or anyway fallen upon, by a big 7th grade boy and her arm "popped". Ick! I hope she'll be able to perform with us. But icing and rest are called for so I'm not too hopeful. Kosar is the young girl in the photo with Yolanda.

I had a long talk with my sister Susan today. We are both feeling rather spacey and disorganized, not concentrating well. Fear and sorrow is our diganosis. She's also about to open a new business -- Cinnamonster, a cinnamon bun and coffee franchise-- in a huge shopping mall in Gurnee Illinois. Who knew shopping malls had web sites! So she's dealing with a slow contractor, health and buliding insptections, and deliveries. A tad stressful! But mostly she is sad.

We were wondering what our sister Garland is up to. We aren't in contact with Garland these days after a blow up a few months back -- fondly known as the "epiotmized bitches episode". Garland is in the Michigan Militia. Want to hear an understatement: We're not a close family!

That reminds me ...the MM, not our family... I think I misremembered the articles that the law professor told us to read. At least I didn't see them in the copy of the Constitution I read tonight.

With that thought I'm off to bed.

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