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Friday, October 26, 2001
      ( 10:41 PM ) Jackie  

The FBI in Peace and War

So what am I chopped liver?

Two of my friends have now been visited by the FBI. But do I get called? No. Hmmmph! Just not radical enough I guess, though, as my mother would say, shaking her head mournfully, "God knows I've tried."

The most recent visit was to a friend who goes to the 24-hour gym daily. He talks about politics. This got to the FBI and two young agents knocked on his door the other day. They asked him about his gym habits and informed him that he had the right to free speech. He told them he would exercise that right by not talking to them. They whined a little (guess it's in the air) that they had to make a report, but my friend didn't consider that his concern.

So this is what it's come to! People in your gym will turn you in to the FBI for talking politics on the treadmill. And this was before H.R.3162, the Patriot Act of 2001, was passed in Congress. (Thank you for the reference, Choire. I spent 2 hours looking unsuccessfully for the bill number yesterday!)

In case your are among the chosen, the National Lawyers Guild has put out a pamphlet, "Know Your Rights" that outlines what your rights are if you are contacted by "the police, FBI, INS, or any other law enforcement agent or investigator."

You just might want to read it now!

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