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Tuesday, October 16, 2001
      ( 6:21 PM ) Jackie  

Fundamentalist Christian Terrorism, Anthrax, Abortion Clinics, and the Media

Envelopes containing threatening letters and an unidentified powdery substance were received today by 90 Planned Parenthood offices in 13 states. The several letters that were opened were from from The Army of God, a Christian Fundamentalist sect.

Oh, you didn't see that on the CNN webpage? Me neither. I did see a comparison of the envelope (singular) received at the office (singular) of NBC and the envelope (singular) received at the office (singular) of Senator Daschle. There was even a photo showing the two envelopes for comparison by the reader/viewer.

Why is the CNN site devoid of this news? It's not on their main page and not on their US news page. It's not even listed under 'More News'. However if you happen to have heard about this from an actual news outlet, you can do a search on 'Planned Parenthood' and find a brief article.

The article doesn't mention that these envelopes were sent by the Fundamentalist Christian group, The Army of God.

The related article on Anthrax and Terrorism
quotes FBI Director Robert Mueller as saying "So far, we have found no direct link to organized terrorism". This same article mentions the letters sent to the abortion offices way, way down at the bottom of the page saying:

Ninety offices of Planned Parenthood and at least 80 clinics of the National Abortion Federation across the United States have received envelopes containing unidentified powdery substances and letters with threatening language, according to spokesmen for the groups.

That would be 170 offices that have received threatening letters. No mention of the Christian Fundamentalist group that sent, and indeed signed the letters. No mention of previous assassinations of doctors and other staff from those clinics. No mention of the last year's Anthrax threats at Planned Parenthood. No mention that The Army of God has taken credit for bombing abortion clinics.

Excuse me, I think that would be terrorism by Christian fundamentalists.

I think that's news.

As a footnote:

While I chose to use CNN as an example here, I could just as well have used abc, nbc, or cbs, which also gave this story virtually no coverage .

As another footnote:

All this said, I also agree with Chris, Choire, and others that the media has overblown the Anthrax and Terrorism business. If there is any panic, it's generated by the media. (Or as Chris so aptly puts it, "The media needs to fucking chill out.")

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