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Saturday, October 06, 2001
      ( 9:00 PM ) Jackie  

Later That Same Day

Hah! I got the email thing working. Now I've gotta figure out how to have it entered automatically when I post. Later for that. And for making my own template.

I now have 15 photos prepared and another dozen or so selected. There's a good selection of drummers, dancers, cooks, and kids. Unfortunately, my ability to judge quality is pretty impaired and I'm confusing this show with another project from the same set of photos.... I'm guessing this is why some people don't do things at the last minute. But hey! I've got until 4 o'clock tomorrow when I take them with me to drum rehearsal. No problem!

My dog is being sullen because she's been pretty much neglected all day (again). I'm feeling a little cranky myself.

Think I'll turn on the hot tub and have a good stretch and soak before I go to bed. Oh, yes, and breathe. And throw the tennis ball for Sasha. That'll cheer her up!

And me, too!

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