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Monday, October 15, 2001
      ( 4:30 PM ) Jackie  

Money Honey

I just mailed in my tax returns for the year 2000 and will be getting a nice big refund! Which is a Good Thing for an unemployed person : ) And now I have to go apply for unemployment or as the State of California calls it "Employment Development". I am not unemployed, I am underdeveloped in the area of employment.

Those are the first two financial items for today. The other is that I applied for --and received -- a loan so that I can give my sister (The Cinnamonster sister, not the Michigan Militia sister) a bridge loan for her business. Everything went well except that the money is not in the account even though it was wired on October 12.

Other than that, I really like using E-loan.

To finish off the financial theme here--I had a very nice lunch at a Chinese Restaurant on College Ave. in Berkeley. My fortune says:

"It is not the person who has too little, but the person who always craves more, that is poor."

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