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Tuesday, October 23, 2001
      ( 11:54 AM ) Jackie  
October 22

The October 22nd Coalition has been holding marches and demonstrations for the past six years or so. These demonstrations are protests agains police murders. They are very moving as names and photos of vicitms are displayed and family members talk about them. The victims are of course mostly young and black or Latino. Several people spoke at the Oakland demonstration who had lost three or four family members to this violence.

You wouldn't know about this event from the local news. In spite of the march through the streets,and the highly visible rallies in the center of town --along with speakers and rap-- there was no notice in the Oakland Tribune or on the newscasts that I saw on TV. One of the people I was talking to said that one thing the media had learned during the Viet Nam protests was not to cover them. Interesting take.

Our drum choir played as the demonstration arrived at the Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall. It felt good to be there.

I'm off to get pix developed, fax my unemployment insurance application, and other errands.

It's another beautiful day in Oakland and I'm looking forward to being out and about.

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