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Friday, October 19, 2001
      ( 9:29 AM ) Jackie  

Painting, Cheney, and Satellite Photographs

I made it up at 8am, bleary-eyed but able to stand. Coffee helped. But the person I was meeting at 9am --a young man I met through Pueblo --was still asleep when I went to pick him up as planned. He "had a late night". Poor him. I have a couple of small plumbing things and some paint prep that need doing. He's unemployed and does good work so I hired him to do this. This is the third time he's been unable to make it. Third time's a charm. It's hard to find someone to do small jobs like this. But if I can't, well, I've patched walls for painting before. And now I own a big old pipe wrench because I fixed my kitchen sink a while back.

Meanwhile, Amy Goodman reports that the U.S. military has bought up rights to all satellite photos of Afghanistan. Which means that you and I will not see the results of the ongoing bombing. It's sure hard to see any national defense interest in this move, unless the government will think that we'll think they are bombing Red Cross units and killing civilians if we see these photos. Guess what! We think that anyway. This latest form of censorship is appalling. Not that the major news stations are all that interested in letting us know the downside of this mess. A couple of searches on CNN did not find any information on this purchase. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to search cbs, etc. Uh oh! Old logic texts have invaded my mind!

Why are our leaders are fear-mongering? Cheney is quoted on abc news as saying "For the first time in our history, we will probably suffer more casualties here at home in America than will our troops overseas," when speaking at the annual Al Smith dinner. And in a headline to this story, abc treats this as a fact:

Grim Statistic
Cheney: For 1st Time, U.S. Suffers
More Casualties at Home Than Abroad

I can't help wondering just what they are preparing us for.

Jackie want more coffee now.

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