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Saturday, October 13, 2001
      ( 12:17 AM ) Jackie  


Added link for Congolese drum camp. at 8:05 on 10/13

Woo! The drumming recital was great! Somehow we pulled it together and worked out those last mushy transitions and played our little hearts out. It was so much fun!

Imagine seven women ranging in ages from 12 to 59, ranging in ethnicity from Pakistani/African American to Greek, Dutch/Swedish, Fillipina, and whatever I am. (I suspect it's German, Native American, Jewish, and Czech). One with 6 years of experience and down to me with about a year. Playing traditional Congolese music. It was pretty amazing, and we did good. : )

Linda took some pix so I'll hope to get copies and share.

I love the complexity and richness of the music. But I think I love most that it is a spiritual practice as well. Almost every time we play we can hear and feel the ancestors. Sometimes singing, sometimes speaking, sometimes just a quiet but powerful presence. It's hard for me to acknowledge this experience. I pretty much gave up religion 41 years ago. My spiritual experiences were, before drumming, always in the context of nature. But I can't deny the presence of the ancestors in the room. They affect my playing as well. Sometimes I know their presence by a change in my drumming, a deeper way of playing. "Kicking the bass" as one of my teachers said at drum camp. My slaps stronger, the music more intense.

This is also hard physical work. Tonight I was dripping with sweat, rivelling all down my face, my hair soaked, salt sweat in my eyes. My friend Gail took a picture of me with my drum. I'm glad to have one but expect to look pretty draggled, though very happy!

I had to take my photos down because Luna Sea is rented out for tomorrow and we didn't want to leave anything out. They turned out good. I ended up with two collages of dancers. The 8th anniversary of Luna Sea is coming up Nov 30 and Dec 1. I'll display them again over the altar. And we'll be playing -- 15 minutes instead of tonights hour. We're also playing at the Oakland rally on October 22.

OKAY! My post performance adrenaline rush is over and I think I'm going to crash now.


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