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Thursday, October 25, 2001
      ( 7:38 PM ) Jackie  


Really, I have nothing to whine about -- I just feel like whining for a while.

Oh, maybe it's the price of hotels in New York. I found a 2-star hotel for $999.99 on Orbitz.

I think I offended the nice women at East Village B&B when I suggested that a week or two was a long stay and maybe they could give me a price break. I can't really blame them as their rates are reasonable and it looks like a very cool place, especially the deck! Yummy furniture.

Other than that life is good, except that I feel antsy and whiney and kind of yuck. I realized that my AA anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and maybe that's working my nerves. And while I'm happy that Choire's thirtieth birthday is coming up, it's a little weird and unsettling to realize that I'm the mother of a 30-year-old man. So I guess I'll actually think about these things instead of having them work on me.

Oh never mind! It's none of those things. It's the release of the CD
God Bless America
, now available at a 14% discount.

But most likely my whineyness is due to the fact that blogger kept refusing recognize my link to the East Village B&Band also simply deleted my html. And then jillmatrix,who recently wrote a kind note offering to help with technical problems, wasn't signed onto IM so she couldn't help me.

So,her spirit no doubt with me, I just did the software equivalent of powering down the computer and retyped it. And it worked. Very strange.

Whining is good. I feel better now : )

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