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Friday, November 02, 2001
      ( 9:08 AM ) Jackie  

Browser Rant AND Thank You!

Recently both my browsers ate themselves so I've had to download new versions.

Several years ago -- oh my! it was 1998 -- I used Netscape Composer to make a simple web page for Be-Boppin' Babes. I've continued to maintain it for them, using a combination of Pagespinner and Composer depending on what I'm changing. I had to make some changes today and found that the new improved version of Netscape Composer screws up all references (links, images) by making the reference local to my disk! Well, that's charming. So I used Pagespinner to redo the links and images. Pretty dumb, Netscape! Why wouldn't I want to make a web page to go on the ---Web! Eva's checking the page now to make sure I caught all the local references.

Meanwhile, many sites (such as the NY Times) don't support the new version of Netscape. So I use an old version of IE to download the crossword puzzle. They also don't support the new version of IE.

Guess I'm just destined to be a multi-platform kind of girl.

And speaking of web pages, thank you, thank you Choire for helping me with my blog template! We spent much time on IM yesterday with Choire helping me find the tags I needed and giving me color codes. All this when he should probably have been either sleeping or writing his novel, or both! You are the best!!

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