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Saturday, November 10, 2001
      ( 12:34 AM ) Jackie  

I guess it's Fall now

Today I pulled down the last of the bean vines. Those vines are really tough. I picked half a dozen figs from my neighbors tree -- probably the last for this year. -- and about four dozen tomatoes. These are the best tomatoes--little golden orange ones. The plant was incredibly fruitful this year. Now the beans are gone and the tomatoes are almost through, I guess fall is really here. I can't tell by the weather which has been sunny and warm.

Once again I've had someone trying to break down my back gate. My friend Darryl came over and reinforced it with a couple of additional locks and screws that go right thhrough the door frame. I've slowly fortified my house, which makes me sad. I now have an alarm system, security doors in the front and back, and the newly reinforced gate. What made me mad was that when they couldn't break in the people doing this scarred the front door. My house was built in 1912 and this is the original door. That's when I had the front security door put on.

The two break-ins and the many attempts make me realize how frail the web of social existence is. Really, anyone could break into just about any house and get out before the cops came. It's only through some kind of agreement that we don't just pillage one another's homes right and left. Or maybe we do and I just don't know about all the mayhem that's going on.

Darryl also fixed the leaking faucet, a faucet that is not as old as the house but must date from at least the fifties. I love our neighborhood hardware store. They have everything -- even washers for this old faucet -- in this really small store and the people who work there know just where it is and how to use it and whether it's the right thing for the job and if it isn't what you should use instead. The customers seem to be "regulars", mostly contractors, and everyone knows each other.

At La Lesbian I talked with Kate and Joanna. When I asked about their little girl they told me she is 19 and in college. Wait! How did that happen? Last I saw her she was starting high school, and that was a shock too.

If it weren't for the squash that is coming in and the joys of lesbian movies I'd be getting quite melancholy about all of this. I'm quite thrilled about the squash because it went in late and I was half expecting not to get anything off the plants. But there they are, little zucchini squashes with the blossom still attached at the bottom sheltered by huge green leaves and protected by the spiny stalks of the plant. They make me happy. Them and the birds who bathe in the birdbath and the hummingbirds, of course, the hummingbirds.

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