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Tuesday, November 06, 2001
      ( 5:37 PM ) Jackie  

News: Nasty and Nice

Why are we writing fiction when the facts are so bizarre?

Yesterday, Nancy Oden was prevented from getting on a plane in Bangor, Maine. She was prevented from getting on *any* plane at that airport until further notice. Nancy Oden has opposed the war and has a history of radical environmental activity. According to her interview, the sole reason she was prevented from flying was her politics. Apparently other accounts say that she was "violent". By her account she told the soldier who grabbed her arm not to touch her.

Here in Oakland a guy who seems like a real creep was convicted of possessing child pornography. He sure is guilty of stupidity 'cause he fell for an FBI internet chat room sting and headed for New York to meet up with a 14-year-old boy who was actually an FBI agent. He took with him a CD containing child pornography. the "normal" sentence for possession of child pornography (aside from burning in hell eternally) is about 5 years in prison. Because this man was HIV + and stated in the chat room that was going to have unprotected sex, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison. So he pretty much got 5 years for his crime and 12 years for being HIV positive. Or, as the Oakland Tribune headline puts it so well: "HIV + Man Gets 17 Years for Sex Plans with Fictional Boy".

On the Nice News side of the ledger, Frances gave me some resources for B&Bs in Manhattan and I've got a place to stay when I visit next week. I'm pretty exciting about this upcoming trip!

On the ok side, the guy who sold me the laptop hasn't fed-exed it yet. BUT he is including a carrying case as well as the latest version of Toast. That'll com in handy, hey!

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