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Thursday, November 01, 2001
      ( 12:40 AM ) Jackie  

November 1!

Oh, now I remember why I've never written a novel. I don't know how to start. (Except for that detective novel I started several years back. I had a great title, Borderline Behavior, and the first chapter was pretty good. ...) But start I did: At 12:01am I opened Word and started writing. Words, lots of words, that's the key. While I'm not thrilled at all with my first 499 words, I am thrilled that I've actually put 499 words down on, well not down on paper but up on screen. This is, of course in response to National Novel Writing Month.

In other late breaking news, I was able to fix my Blogger template. I recently wiped out my site meter, my email address (which I've been hand coding into the blog text, which is soooo lame!), and the name for the place to link. So I fixed them tonight. And also added this blog to the nanomowri ring. hosted by the charming and helpful Sheana!

OF COURSE! Then I had to do one more little cosmetic now I have to remove the mauve. argh!

In the wider world, the news sources (also known as The Government) have finally begun talking more directly about the use of nuclear weapons. I've been waiting for that. Reuters, for example, has a story headlined: "U.S. Sees Increased Potential for Nuclear Attack". in which the State Department "refused to say" whether Ben Laden and al Qaeda have nuclear weapons..
The Christian Science Monitor tells us that "Nuclear attack a real, if remote, possibility".

More on this depressing topic another time. But now I'm going to bed. As soon as I put on clean, warm sheets : ) On the bed. The sheets go on the bed.

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