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Saturday, November 03, 2001
      ( 9:46 PM ) Jackie  

Technology and Me

oooh! I'm buying a new used laptop. Just had to do it! I'm visiting Choire in New York (YEAH!). Our plan is to spend a lot of time not drinking coffee in coffee shops and writing our novels. I really did try to figure out how to use my very aged laptop, but it just does't work out. So, look out eBay! Do you know how many people are selling really good iBooks on eBay so they can buy the Platinum? Me either, but it's a lot. Mine -- almost -- has 384 mb of ram and a ton of software.

I'm all signed up for paypal and trying to make my payment. Of course, nothing is easy. PayPal says my credit card was declined. My bank says they have not
received a transaction and certainly haven't declined anything. Agh! I want to get the money to the Seller right away. I NEED that iBook before November 14 at 5:00 am, which is when I'll be leaving for SFO for my 9am flight.

Frances and I walked up by Inspiration Point this evening. I like that time of day when the air is soft and the light is low. Every little needle on the evergreens seems to stand out and yet as a group they seem al most menacing. The Golden Gate Bridge peeked above a bed of clouds. Then the sunset over the bay was a deep deep red. Lights on the East side of the bay twinkled away. Lovely.

I made the BEST carrot ginger soup last night and we had that with salad and talked away. We have very different backgrounds in some ways but very similar in others. Just enough differences to keep an edge to the conversation. And plenty in common so we don't have to explain everything. Conversation is the best!

What a good day! I even wrote some words on my novel.

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