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Friday, December 28, 2001
      ( 1:49 PM ) Jackie  

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Here in NorthEast Illinois it’s way up to 24 degrees so I’m not complaining, just noting that it is indeed cold here!

Madison was supposed to be here this morning. But her mother didn’t get her to the airport on time. She overslept! This child is more eagerly awaited by the adults here than Santa Claus ever was by a child.

Dennis is fixing Christmas dinner. We have Christmas cookies and a sweet potato pie from friends, and a custard pie by Brooke.

I had a massage this morning. I fell asleep almost right away. This was kind of embarrassing since I’m a serious snorer. My body is feeling so much better—all those kinks from driving 2600 milesare rubbed right out.

Last night Susan, Dennis, and I went to see Vanilla Sky. I enjoyed it. Tom Cruiseplayed his usual part – a young man (this time a rich one) grinning ruefully and raising an eyebrow. Fortunately, this is not a character-driven move. I almost didn’t see it after watching Oprah and Rosie fawning over “Tommie” on their respective shows. Barf! But a couple of reviews piqued my interest. It was fast paced, great visuals, if a bit dizzying. I don’t see it as the deep message movie some do. But it engaged me and gave us some good conversation afterward.
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