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Saturday, December 22, 2001
      ( 10:00 PM ) Jackie  

..At the end of the trail

Here I am in Round Lake Beach, all hooked up, pizza ordered and eaten, with two dogs in the kitchen, one in my sister's bed, one on the floor and one hiding somewhere. That should be five dogs, right? And very sweet they are, though a bit overwhelming at feeding time.

I planned to post a web site with pix from my road trip. I did take pix, and even put most of them on a web site. But have yet to configure fetch on this laptop. I guess the guy at the store didn't get all the files moved over. Suffice it to say here, on line at 56K, that I'm alive and well and happy. But since I got up at 3am I'm not gonna tell you anymore. Certainly not at 56k.

Choire is soooo smart to take that train/car thingy. Talk about the best of both worlds! The last time we talked was on our respective cell phones while he was on a funky road to the keys and I was going the wrong direction on my way to the Mojave desert. In the interests of safety, we kept it short.

It is pretty amazing to have all these words and pictures and microwaved voices to keep in contact -- though I've let my side down a bit.

My sister is still working. Yikes! This being a business owner is tough stuff.

Time for me to crawl into bed.

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