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Monday, December 17, 2001
      ( 3:05 PM ) Jackie  

...And Four To Go

I got lucky on my car tune-up this morning. It was a minor tune-up and a trip check, and the cost came to about a tenth of what I feared. Also, they did it in about an hour. As a bonus, Mama’s Royal Café was about a block away—and next to an ATM—so I got to have a yummy healthy breakfast.

When I went to camp last summer I hit on the idea of using plastic bins instead of a suitcase. Since I’m on a road trip, I did the same this morning. Everything is rolled up and stored in the bin. Easy to store in the car and easy to access anything I need while on the road. My road trip togs are in my gym bag.

Sasha is tracking me closely, tail down and sad-eyed.

Pretty much everything is in the car now, except Sasha and me and some snacks.

And we’re getting packed right now!

Next Stop: Mojave, CA

Happy Trails!

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