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Monday, December 31, 2001
      ( 10:27 AM ) Jackie  

Christmas came to Round Lake Beach with Madison

With Madison here on Friday, we celebrated Christmas with a turkey dinner, thanks to my brother-in-law Dennis, and opening gifts. Here are some photos of the event. You can also see our pre-Christmas pictures, mostly from December 25.

Susan was very ill on Friday night. It seems like food poisoning. She called the Wendy's where she had a hamburger so they could check their stock. They just told her that she couldn't have food poisoning. That pretty much defines bad customer service!

I slept late today after struggling with two large dogs and one medium for place on the sofa. Madison and I hung out for a while in a coffee shop, reading and transferring pictures from the digital camera to my laptop.

We were going to go to the movies to see Lord of the Rings. But the mall closed early so there wasn't a time that Susan could go. We rented a couple of movies: Spy Kids: and See Spot Run. Spy Kids was entertaining. See Spot Run was slow and had some parts totally inappropriate for children.I mean all the poop and fart jokes are perfect for pre-teens. But the running joke about the bad guys balls was just out of line for kids that age--or maybe any.

Tomorrow Madison needs to do some research for school. Then we might go to the movies in the afternoon.

I'll be going to Ypsilanti, Michigan, to meet my cousin Virginia rather than going up to Ironwood. I'm hoping I can visit an email friend in Ann Arbor, too. Oh, that means shipping some presents by mail instead of dropping them off in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Yesterday I made turkey soup, which is pretty good. Then Madison and I made a spinach/mushroom quiche and a berry tart. Gosh! No wonder I slept so much.

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