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Friday, December 07, 2001
      ( 4:55 PM ) Jackie  

Civics Lesson --"Living Wage" for the Oakland Port

This week I've spent some time learning more about the workings of my local government by attending the Oakland City Council. It's not a pretty picture. A few of my comments and some photos from the meeting are at my website. I hope you'll check them out.

As it turns out, the overwhelming support for a Living Wage proposal was not very interesting to the majority of the Council. Councilmember Wan introduced an amendment that gutted some major provisions of the original proposal, and five of the council voted in favor of his version. So we'll be putting the original on the ballot through a voter initiative.

As often happens in California, we'll then have two similar items on the ballot causing the expenditure of great sums of money and considerable confusion among the voters. When we’re not getting votes for the initiative, I reckon we'll be working to defeat Councilmember Wan's bid for re-election. His decline has already begun as he resigned from the Labor Council following this debacle. Word on the street is that this was at the request of Labor. That does not speak well for his chances in November.

This morning there was a follow-up demonstration. It began at 7:30 am. After sleeping through three alarms, I staggered into the line at a little after 8. If I'd known there’d be coffee and doughnuts I might have done better!

Getting in a little culture after the demonstration, a few of us went to the Farmers Market. It was terrific.

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