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Saturday, December 15, 2001
      ( 12:10 AM ) Jackie  

Getting Ready To Go...On the Road Again

The rain turned to a light drizzle about 2am Friday morning, so I got to have my hot tub
after all. It was lovely in the hot water with a strong breeze blowing, rustling the huge
Eucalyptus tree in my neighbor’s yard.

I thought that would help me sleep well. But, no. After getting to bed at 3, I tossed and turned until I finally got up about 4am and started cleaning out my spare bedroom. Then back to bed about 6 and up at 11:30am.

I started planning my trip on MapQuest, then today got some physical maps. I do love
maps. I’ve got it pretty much planned out. The MapQuest trip planner is pretty cool. But I just learned that it keeps track of your trips by cookies. So when I built the trip plan on my
desktop computer and then went to my laptop—oops! No trip planned and I had to do a whole new plan.

I get to go through Mojave (my grandfather’s middle name), in CA; Tucumcari and
Amarillo, TX. Then I’ll pass through Miami, Missouri, where I’ll salute Choire and Philo.
Since I’m traveling with my dog, and since I’m cheap, I’ll be staying at good old Motel 6.

It’s a long ways to drive and I’m not quite sure why I’m doing it, other than getting to visit
places with beautiful names. I do love to drive and to see new places. I'm also planning to get a conversational French CD to prepare for drum camp in February. The Congolese teachers speak French. Anyway... I’m excited about the road trip.

My car will get a tune up early Monday morning, so with luck I’ll be out of here by noon or shortly after and should be in Round Lake Beach Thursday night or Friday, depending on how distracted -- or tired -- I get.

So far, my packing list consists mostly of electronics, cameras, my drum, and dog biscuits.
Fortunately, my sister will have anything I end up missing.

Time to get some sleep.

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