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Wednesday, December 05, 2001
      ( 6:24 PM ) Jackie  

Grandmother Spider

The rain has turned to a slow, cold drizzle and the winds have stopped. For the past few months, a spider has been spinning her web on my front porch. It was quite elaborate, and I guess effective, too, as she often had insects hung on the web awaiting tea time.

During our recent storms, the web got pretty torn up. The basic structure was still there, but only the outlines of the web remained, all it's detail destroyed by the wind and rain. And there were no insects.

Now she has completely repaired/rewoven it-- and this without Nina Katchadourian’s assistance or even her web repair kit! The weave on the repaired web is very fine, much finer than the original. The spider sits in the center, continuing her weaving and wisely ignoring the weather.

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