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Saturday, December 15, 2001
      ( 8:58 PM ) Jackie  

Survivor 2001

I am so proud of myself!

I went to COSTCO today to purchase
film (two 7-roll boxes of Kodak MAX 400 at $14.95 a box), a calling card for my
neighbor (3.5cents per minute), and gas for the car ($1.129 per gal vs the current $1.459
per gal on the street). And that’s almost all I actually bought. I did get one thing not on
my list -- a purse-type thing to replace my 4-year-old fanny pack with all the suspicious
looking stains.

I must admit, that my restraint was in part due to an overzealous employee who returned
my items to the shelves when I left it in an aisle for a few minutes while I went to the
ATM. Thus, the hardcover of the new Patricia Cornwell book and a fleecy button up
sweater-type garment and probably something else I don’t remember remained where
they were put.

No 25 pound box of cereal, no boxes of mangoes or pears or peaches to be destined for
the compost pile. Just what I needed. I realize that this is not the shopping spirit that our
federal and local governments are asking of us, but I think the country will survive and I
still want my gold star for prudent shopping!

I did pretty well at the bookstore as well, finding presents for four difficult to buy for
family members. At least two of them will be big hits. One of the others goes to a niece
who never wants to hear from me again and one to someone who is really tough to read
when he gets a gift.

I also found what appears to be an excellent set of CDs for my conversational French
escapade. It was very expensive. But the other good one was too advanced for me. I
reject others because they were on cassette (which I don’t have in my car), used "humor"
to teach, used "musical ditties" to teach, or were very specifically for travel and business.

I got up this morning thinking I’d have to bag this whole trip because I was sick again.
But I went back to sleep and felt much better when I got up for good. I’m hoping to get
to sleep early tonight – perhaps with the help of Tylenol PM—and get up feeling terrific

I have to rethink at least one present because it involves my printer, which is not working.
I think I did something to it when I installed the last ink cartridge. I’ve reinstalled it,
changed some settings, cleaned the printer head, done everything I can think of except
smacking it – which probably works only for TVs anyway. But it’s broken.

Of course I have had my eye on a new printer and even narrowed it down to the Epson Stylus Photo
I would even have bought one today (so much for that prudent shopper gold
star) but it wasn’t available either at Epson on line or at my local
CompUSA. Alas,
COSTCO had only a model that I had decided against.

So now I’m eating Artichoke/Cheese ravioli with homemade Basil/Garlic Pesto that some friends and I made a while back
with Basil from my garden. It is the best Pesto I’ve ever had! The ravioli, from Monterey Pasta and purchased at
COSTCO of course, is good too.

When I’m done eating I’ve got two more things to do before crashing: First, clear off the dining room table to use it as a "staging
area" for packing. That consists of putting everything I think I need to bring on the
dining room table and then removing about half of what I originally though I just had to

Second, make some salve that I want to give to some special friends. It consists of Shea Butter, Arnica Oil, Lavender essence, and Rosemary essence. It is beautifully aromatic and very healing for hands that have been doing to much drumming – or just for any hands

Tomorrow I’ll stop over at the Ashby Bart flea market. It is a unique outdoor market
with mostly African and African American crafts and goods. I’m sure I can drop a
couple of bucks there.

Then Sasha gets a bath and a new leash at Mudpuppies.

And then I’ll do the actual packing. Of course, packing the car on Monday will be the real trick.

Glad to say I have a reliable house sitter for the time I’m gone. So that puts my mind at ease.

And, yes, I know, I’m babbling!

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