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Monday, December 17, 2001
      ( 2:34 AM ) Jackie  

…Three To Get Ready

The dog and the car have been washed, as have many clothes. Juice and tea have been put into the cooler. Maps are ensconced in the door well on the driver’s side of the car. Christmas presents are organized for the car.

I had some problems in my staging area. I have some almost-idea of a trip project with my Polaroid camera. An almost idea—it’s sort of a sense that there’s something brewing in the back of my mind but to which I don’t have conscious access. In any case, I moved the Polaroid from the staging area back to the cupboard. So I'll probably never know what that idea almost was.

My phone batteries are charged, all my rechargeable batteries are recharged, and my laptop is charging as I write.

Sasha alternates between being excited when I tell her we’re going on a road trip and morose when she sees me packing, sure that she’ll be abandoned.

So now for another good, if too short, sleep. Then tomorrow we’re off on our road trip to the Midwest, just as soon as the car is tuned.

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