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Friday, January 04, 2002
      ( 4:19 PM ) Jackie  

Am I just reading more?

Or is today national solipsisms day?

Today I read the following:
Ann Arbor classfieds: Ad for apartment lists "many other immunities"
Craig's list: Advertiser for house share identifies herself as "self-seeking female"

I think there were more but I've happily forgotten them.

Sasha and I had fun today looking around Ann Arbor. After finding a pet store so she could have breakfast and an espresso store so I could have caffeine, we washed the dirt and oil and muck and salt off the car in a very cool car wash that included a blow dry. Then we went for a nice walk in a surburban part of Ann Arbor, at the Molin Nature Area. Sasha blended in nicely with the little trees. There are many lovely sounding parks and walks in the area -- and with a lot of variety too.

Sasha gained much attention sitting outside while I finally enjoyed my breakfast of Shangai chicken salad. We walked around town, then she again waited patiently for me while I went to the drum store. I've fallen in love with a gorgeous rosewood ashiko. It sounds great, is much lighter than my conga, and costs $415. I would probably break down and buy it except that the ring at the base of the strings is not bound. I don't know if it makes any difference musically but it suggests a bit of sloppiness in putting on the drum head.

The guy at the store was busy so I happily played the drum, doing a bit of meringue and a parts of other pieces and some practices. The little snot came over when he was done with the other customer and asked if I played at all. That could have lost the sale right there. But we ended up chatting about Congolese drummers, drum camp, and the drum and even played together a bit. I guess I'll sleep on it. They open at 11. Maybe I'll go back after caffeine infusion.

My cousin's phone is ringing an odd busy signal so I haven't reached her to arrange our getting together tomorrow .

I did manage to call Cai to let him know I'm planning to be in Maui in February for the drum and dance camp. If you know of any wonderful and inexpensive places to stay on Maui, preferably lesbian or gay owned, please email me with info.

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