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Monday, January 21, 2002
      ( 10:23 AM ) Jackie  

As the World Turns

I've been doing some unintentional personal research into withdrawal symptoms of certain medications. It seems that one of these is vertigo. Without benefit of racing up a spiral staircase in pursuit of the lovely Kim Novak, I've been experiencing the world as mutable and swirling for the past four days.

After the initial self-diagnosis of brain cancer, I realized that I had run out of a medication a few days before. I jumped on my trusty Internet steed and learned that indeed vertigo is one of the withdrawal effects. Fortunately, I found a stash of old meds last night and took one. Things are a bit better today.

Another important learning of the morning is that if you make your coffee with Four Monks White Distilled Vinegar instead of Sparklets Distilled Water, your Westsoy Plus Non DairySoy Milk Drink will curdle. The coffee just isn't the same. Could this be a sign that I should either quite the coffee or resume the meds?

It turns out that it is difficult to work with Photoshop when you have Vertigo. Who knew!

I whiled away the lonely hours trying to get a flight to Maui for the Congolese Dance and Drum Camp next month. Not so easy as you might think. Fortunately, my schedule is flexible, a benefit of unemployment. So I was able to book flights to go a few days before the camp starts and return a few days after it ends. Darn! I hate when that happens. I am lucky to have enough airline miles to "pay" for the flight.

Cai called last night about work/study and I will be cooking dinner instead of breakfast. Since this camp is smaller than the August camp at Lassen I will not have to miss drum classes. Also, the camp is a Youth Hostel when large groups don't take it over and I can just hang there instead of finding expensive lodging for my extra days.

Last night, Gail, Gwendolyn, and I went to a Big Moves video showing, a fundraiser for an upcoming dance concert including Bodies In Motion,. It was good to be with such happy, energetic women!

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