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Monday, January 28, 2002
      ( 9:14 AM ) Jackie  

Can't Get No Satisfaction

After visiting Choire -- that wonderful GLBT Blogger and Cam kook extraordinaire, for whom you should vote in the bloggies, -- I wanted to quit drinking coffee. And couldn't.

Now I want to drink coffee and I DON"T LIKE IT. That is so sad. I just want a good old caffeine rush, that caffeine psychosis to get me moving and I don't like the taste of coffee.

I thought it was the soy milk so I got cream. ugh! I thought it might be remnants of vinegar in my Cuisanart automatic coffee maker, so I used the French Press. Ick!

I'm using good coffee, Organic Free Trade coffee from San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Co-op. But no, it appears my lifelong love affair is over. Or maybe we're just taking a break.

In any case, it's all very sad to break up after all these years.

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