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Monday, January 07, 2002
      ( 8:25 PM ) Jackie  

Family and Friends in Ypsilanti

Sasha and I have been having a grand time visiting my cousing Virginia in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Virginia bought a new car today. Here she is with it still in the showroom.

We visited with my cousin Jim and his wife and with Jim's daughter Monica and her family.

It's been a lovely time here. Sasha is now sitting on Virginia's lap on the sofa, getting nice pets. We'll go back to Susan's house in the morning. We've been luck so far to have excellent weather. Even here it is mild for this time of year. Yesterday we had a beautiful soft snow drifting down, just enough to leave a pretty blanket on the ground. Sasha is adapting to the snow very well. She had a good run today in the municipal park.

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