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Thursday, January 10, 2002
      ( 9:45 PM ) Jackie  

In the Land of Lincoln

I did have the oil changed, after consulting with the Mitch at Dana Myers foreign auto repair. And I got it washed. What I failed to do was to add gas to the tank in time. Fortunately, I ran out of gas in the parking lot at the Mall. I called AAA who claimed that my membership had expired. So Susan called her husband Dennis who very kindly came with five gallons of gas. That done, I went to the grocery store for some fruit and healthy snacks. Hope springs eternal in the New Year!

It's been a bad few days on the Internet scene. First, Blogger was down for 2 days and then my web space was used up. So I didn't get to post my pix of the old town (Depot Town) at Ypsilanti. I just moved some pix down to this new laptop and posted the Ypsilanti pix. Now I have to get the stuff I deleted from the server up on my friend Paula's web space.

Sasha and I are staying in a rather posh (relatively speaking of course) Motel 6 in Springfield, Illinois. It's 18 hours to Albuquerque where I'll visit my niece and perhaps my sister.

In spite of my overall intention of eating healthily on this trip, I will indeed stop at the drive through Krispy Kreme in Saint Louis!

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