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Thursday, January 17, 2002
      ( 6:43 PM ) Jackie  

jiggety jig

I'm home! It's beautiful and filthy and lights have burned out and it's cold in here. I haven't seen the garden but the plants on the deck look great--petunias are so forgiving!

Susan gave Sasha a cozy bed as a good-bye gift. She has loved it and has slept much of the way home -- which is a change from the there-trip where she slept very little. The bed is now in the dining room and Sasha is curled into it. It is very cute as she just fits. Thank you Susan from me and great big doggie hugs and licks from Sasha.

Technology has somewhat beat me out as the last few places I stayed had no internet access. I've missed sending off my notes and pix. However, not having access to upload them, I've not photoshopped all the pix. Anyone for immediate gratification?

The screen on my laptop is huge! How very strange after the sweet little laptop screen.

The heaters are on and the kitchen range front burners are on, Sasha as you know is cuddled, and a nice vegetarian casserole is ready to heat up. I don't think I'll ever eat meat again after all those hamburgers and steaks and "chicken strips". Love to the waitress at 4 B's in Grants, New Mexicowho gave me homemade tomato soup.

Tomorrow I'll organize things and arrange my ticket to Maui. For tonight, a little casserole, a little email, a little TV, and a lot of sleep sounds like the ticket!

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