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Tuesday, January 15, 2002
      ( 7:46 AM ) Jackie  

Walking in Beauty

May you walk in beauty
With beauty before you
With beauty behind you
With beauty above you
With beauty below you
May you walk in beauty
The rest of your days

------Navajo blessing

I'm sitting at my sister Diane's desk up on the hill in Corrales, New Mexico, looking at the mountains and the city of Albuquerque through the dozen five foot windows in her living room.

This morning brought a glorious sunrise. Outside the rooster down the road was crowing and a donkey was braying. A cool breeze was up and the color began to come out of the dark clouds hovering over the mountains.

I've had trouble getting photos on Blog the past few days as I went through Oklahoma and Texas and on into New Mexico. I broke down yesterday and bought a new SnapSHOT compact flash reader last night so expect to get caught up tonight.

Right now I'm repacking for the trip the rest of the way home. I'll go to Santa Fe today and then put the pedal to the metal for the long ride home.

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