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Monday, February 25, 2002
      ( 4:45 PM ) Jackie  


Drum camp is over : ( Most of the teachers and students have gone back to their respective homes -- or in some cases other stops on the way home. I, happily, am on Maui for another some number of days.

My little tent is still up at Camp Keaneae and holding up well with the frequent downpours that began yesterday. Today I am lazing out -- got a pedicure, did some shopping, checked my email, and have a massage scheduled for 3:15. That done I'll get a fish sandwich at the Fishmarket here in Paia and head back to camp. I'll take advantage of what I expect to be an empty YMCA camp to practice my drum, begin weeding my several hundred digital photos and go to bed early.

If there is no rain, I'll keep the tent open so I'll see the ocean whenever I wake up. If it's raining I'll just close it up and listen to the rain and the surf.

Besides taking an absolutely insane number of photos -- some of which are great!! -- I've been writing occasionally to send keeping a journal occasionally. So at some point all will be revealed about swimming at the nude beaches. ummm,. to clarify, I'll write about swimming in the ocean at the nude beaches. Well, actually that's about all there is say about it. Except that it was delightful.

This morning Annette and I saw a rainbow half. Then the other half, and it was The End of the Rainbow!! The colors were incredibly intense and the bands of color broad. And it just dipped into the ocean. Lucky for us there was a place to pull of the road and watch it as it glowed and then slowly dissolved into the sea.

Mahalo nui loa

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