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Monday, February 04, 2002
      ( 11:17 PM ) Jackie  

Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground

My biggest worry about my trip to Maui for the Congolese Dance and Drumming Camp (held this year from Feb 15 to 24) has been that I plan to camp, using my six-year-old never yet used tent. Yolanda even told me the very best spot on which to pitch my tent. But I had never set up the tent. And you know the eye-hand coordination (visual motor skills) part of IQ tests? Well, they always bring my score down.

So this morning I went about learning. Clearing everything in the living to the side, I pulled out and put together the tent poles, found the stakes, and eventually found the directions. I looped this through that and that through this until I had an ungainly heap on the floor. Good sense prevailed, so I packed the tent into it's tiny stuff bag and took off for REI to get help. I was very encouraged that I could actually get the tent into the stuff bag, one of the most difficult of camping feats in my experience.

Even though I had bought it from The North Face Outlet (in 1996), the nice young woman in the tent department helped me set it up. You go, Solange!!! (Big Excellence in Customer Service award to her and to REI.) I'm confident that I can do it. Hurrah!

I checked in at The North Face to see if they would have a special "footprint" for my Lunarlight Tent. I wasn't surprised that they didn't. I was surprised that they had very little gear on display and two huge rooms of outdoor clothing and some sleeping bags tucked away.

To top off the day's good news, Ellen just called to say that she and her friend will house/dog sit for me.

There are still many things on my "To Do" list, but the big ones are crossed off and I'm now able to enjoy the excitement of going. Of course, it would be nice to have a place to lay my head the last four nights of my stay. But I'm sure I'll find a place to camp if nothting else.

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