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Thursday, March 28, 2002
      ( 12:29 PM ) Jackie  

A Bear of No Brain At All

I have been Foolish and Deluded, having forgotten to go hear Andrea Dworkin last night. I was restless and slightly anxious last night, feeling as if there was something I was supposed to do. OOPS!

I'm blaming it on the endorphins again. Frances and Sasha and I went for a hike on
Mount Diablo. Because dogs aren't allowed on the trails, we weren't able to walk far. But the open space, the views, the beginnings of the spring wildflowers, fresh air, warm sunshine all contributed to a feeling of well-being.

I've been working in the garden this morning. Pulling weeds, digging up last year's annuals, feeding and watering everything. The strategy of using a combination of paving stones, chamomile and sage, and wood chips to keep the weeds down worked very well. I am not happy with the way many of the paving stones were done as they sank. I think the foundation was not done correctly. Also, the centerpiece of the garden became waterlogged and the plants there are looking pretty much dead. I'll have to redo that area this summer.

But the vegetable raised box and area set aside for viney veggies and fruits is working out well. The wild blackberries are invading, so I'll have some scratches after this afternoons killing session. All in all, the work required to put the garden in order is so much less this year that I am very cheered. I can do the fun planting things rather than spending all my time in clearing up.

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