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Tuesday, March 26, 2002
      ( 6:33 PM ) Jackie  


One of the women from sfwow organized a hike today. Three of us showed up and they set a good pace. It must have gotten my endorphins going 'cause I had a terrific feeling of well-being and energy afterwards. Next week some of us are going to the dada exhibit, Dreaming with Open Eyes at The Palace of the Legion of Honor museum. I just love that name!! The name of the museum that is, thought the exhibition name is pretty good too.

When I got home I tackled the dreaded computer problem--somehow my DSL stopped working. It took more than an hour with the excellent mindspring (now a sub company of earthlink) tech support folks to get it fixed. All better now, but I was sure having email and internet withdrawal yesterday.

The PUEBLO retreat was excellent. The promised rain stopped after Friday night so we had beautiful weather along with some good talk about the organization. One of the high points was talking with two of the other members on the way home.

Hey! Andrea Dworkin is in town. She has a new book out, Heartbreak She's talking tonight at the Commonwealth Club. I'm not going to make it but will go to see her at A Different Light Book Store on Wednesday night at 7:30.

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