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Sunday, April 28, 2002
      ( 8:22 AM ) Jackie  

Yes, Virginia, There Will be a Congolese Dance and Drum Camp!

Oh, happy day! The rumor had been that no site had been found for this summer's Congolese Dance and Drum Camp. The only alternative was a late August camp that would exclude children due to the timing. That was a No Go of course! Yesterday a camp was confirmed.

Camp will be August 2 through August 11 at enCompass Learning Center in Nevada City. Since we have many drummers and dancers in that area and in the bay area, that will be a great location.

Now I've gotta schedule a tenting pajama party so I can try out my new tent. In fact, that has to happen before the Hopland Women's Festival where my drum choir will be playing. I don't wanna be standing out there in the heat trying to figure out how to put up the tent!

Also, I have to get cracking on the web site I'm building for the Congo Camp!! Eeeek! Still a lot to learn : )

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