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Tuesday, May 14, 2002
      ( 9:34 PM ) Jackie  

The Gift of Joy

The big brown truck came today. (Well, actually it came yesterday too but I wasn't home.) And with it came a man in a brown uniform who climbed up my stairs to the porch. Sasha said "woof". The man rang the doorbell. Twice. When I opened the door, he asked if Sahsa would bite. I told him, "No. But she might beat you to death wagging her tail." Whereupon he handed me a parcel, wrapped in brown paper. I was so excited!

And you know what it was? It was the most amazing surprise. Someone I know only by blog and a couple of emails had sent me a Mother's Day Gift. I hopped around saying "I can't believe this!" It was such a treat. There is something just incredible about a surprise gift from a surprising person. I was dancing and also teary at the sweetness of it.

Thank you, George! and much aloha. I treasure it.

Oh, and the gift is a beautiful book, Light at the Edge of the World, which I have been coveting. The pictures are intense--gorgeous rich color and some very unusual and striking shots. Just lovely. Makes me want to either smash my camera in despair or go out and shoot some beautiful pictures of my own.

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