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Wednesday, May 15, 2002
      ( 9:53 AM ) Jackie  

It's Almost Like...Work

I was pretty much chained to the computer yesterday, working on a web site. It wasn't the fun design stuff, just nesting those fucking tables to look pretty and finding suitable links and testing stuff and fixing the external links so they'd open a new window 'cause I forgot when I put them in, and like that. The fun part was finding photos for the camp information page. I like them, though I suppose the page will take forever to load by those poor souls who don't have dsl. My photos seem to still be to big (in kb) even when I save them at 72 pixels .... sigh.

I finally loaded test copies of the pages, incomplete though they are, onto the server. I was surprised not to have any glitches there. But after all my work with those nested tables, IE and Opera don't show the pretty table borders. They just show the outline -- and in one case only two sides of that. I'm sure someone on sfwow email list will help me with it. And that it will be some stupid little problem easily fixed. grrrr. Also I'm not going to be able to use the pretty picture for the main page background. It's just tooooooo slow. Even on my dsl line.

I was very appreciative of my hot tub last night!

On my break I went to Urban Ore to look for a table for a big desk. They were more expensive than I expected and I realized that I don't need another project of sanding and painting. I need a damned desk.

Sometimes it's disappointing to know your foibles. I would love to buy that door with the fan window on top and refinish it. Or maybe the one with the four windows, one of which is broken so I could put a plant up through the broken window. All very cute. And I'm sure I'd get it done around 2007.

So today I'll probably go to Home Depot and get a boring door that doesn't need anything done expect to slap it on top of the file cabinets. Oh well, I'll cover it up with papers and books and CDs pretty quickly anyway.

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