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Monday, May 13, 2002
      ( 9:25 PM ) Jackie  

Please Welcome Kaitlan

What a nice day I had on Sunday. My niece Cindy called to say hello. It was her birthday on the tenth and I had called her and missed her. Seems she was at the hospital awaiting the birth of her niece who was born around 6pm that day. We have a history of shared birthdays in our family. My sister, my brother, and I have the same birthday (August 27). My son was born on my mother's birthday (November 19), and Kaitlan was born on Cindy's birthday. Here are some pictures my sister Diane took.

Well, then, someone else called to chat. I don't even recall who....

But I do remember that my son then called from Cherry Grove and I enjoyed a good conversation with him. He told me about the beach house. Oh, my! I can't wait to visit. I have been invited, ya' know! I'm not just a pushy mom! He has some pictures up on his blog. Very gorgeous!

And then I didn't go to the Peace March. Instead Frances and I went to the Oakland Museum's annual California Wildflower show! Turns out California has 5,000 species (or one of those terms...) of wildflowers, many of which are in various stages of danger from the predations of humankind. It was just incredible.

I don't know what the process of gathering these was, but there were tables and tables of jars and vases and shells filled with recently picked wildflowers, each with a brief description. Each table had a jar of small magnifying glasses so we could look at all the little hairs and veins and spots and dots and splashes of color. The whole thing was magnificent!

What a lovely day!

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