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Monday, May 20, 2002
      ( 9:08 PM ) Jackie  

Shopping--Jackie Style

My friend Lindasusan told me about a guy in El Sobrante who is selling his collection of percussion instruments and moving to New York. Lindasusan is a musician -- singer, songwriter, drummer, performer -- and a very good one. Right now she's rehearsing for liquid fire so hasn't been at drum class for a while. hmmmm I couldn't find any links for Liquid Fire 2002....

So of course I had to check out the El Sobrante percussion connection. With only half of his collection left unsold, Damion had a bunch of bells, shakers, frame drums, and other interesting persussiony things. I walked out with a Shakere, two African bells, clave, and a Bodhran made by the Walton Clan in Dublin, Ireland.

Eighty dollars poorer but happy, I stopped at Thrift Town, a Richmond instituition. There I bought a red tank top (for performance at Hopland Women's Festival), two woven baskets, and two paperbacks. That cost me $6.49.

I stopped on the way home to check out Trader Joe's. There, I bought a weird miscellany of food and beverages. I forgot--don't shop when you're hungry.

Now I'm home and ready to spend the rest of the evening staying dry and listening to the rain.

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