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Saturday, June 15, 2002
      ( 9:54 AM ) Jackie  

Clueless in Catholicism

"The crisis, in truth, is about a profound loss of confidence by the faithful in our leadership," says Bishop Wilton Gregory, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This was quoted above the headline of the paper edition of Saturday's Oakland Tribune

Hello! The crisis is that priests sexually molest children. The crisis is that their bosses cover up the priests' crimes.

But they've got a plan now: "From this day forward no one known to have sexually abused a child will work in the Catholic Church in the United States," says the sam Bishop Gregory. I guess they'll just dump them on overseas markets, like banned pesticides.

What I'm wondering is why the police don't arrest everyone at the meeting for conspiracy. They have agreed to ignore and cover up past crimes and have been considering whether to do so in the future. In fact, their weasly statement suggests that they have taken it upon themselves to determine whether an accused priest is "known to have abused a child." Which gives them a lot of room to cover up abuse in the future.

And why this is an issue for the church to decide? Call me crazy, but I thought it was a fucking crime to abuse a child. And aren't priests and such --in their role as teachers and counselors if nothing else-- mandatory reporters? In 18 states, "any person who suspects or has reason to suspect child abuse is required to report."

So what are these characters even talking about? That doesn't say that they are required to report anyone "known to have abused a child."

I say we go make citizen's arrests of all these guys right now.

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