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Sunday, June 16, 2002
      ( 7:48 AM ) Jackie  

I Think Congorhythms is done for now

Having spend much of the past few days adding tons of photo albums, I think I've got the congorhythmsweb sit up. I had a great time last night going over the photos of Maui. It brough back great memories of last February. But I cannot find my photo of the "Nene Crossing" sign. I fear that means there's another packet of photos somewhere.

Today is my first film at Frameline. At 11 am we see Call Me Cwazy, a bunch of short dyke comedies. At 9pm, it's Fish and Elephant, a love story about women in Beijing. Here's today's schedule. The film descriptions are pop-ups and don't have urls.

And in between, a potluck barbecue at Lisa's house. Ooops! I need to cook something this morning....I've got apples and nectarines and am thinking of making a fruit crisp.

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