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Monday, June 10, 2002
      ( 10:49 AM ) Jackie  

Size Queen? You Bet!

I'm sitting here with my little laptop on my Big New Desk! It is a lovely wooden dining room table that I got at Pier One. It was of course on sale. It's dark wood with nice grain and knotholes. My neighbors let me borrow their truck to haul it home. Then a neighbor from across the street left his garage sale to help Mary from next door bring it in.

Now I have some space to put my files and folders from various projects. I even have a folder-holder thingy perched on the corner. Oooh! It's even better than buying new notebooks and pencils at the start of school.

I'm not sure yet where I'll set it up permanently --I'm in the living room right now which has lots of light. But the table is pretty big. My normal office space is in the dining room -- which is also where the DSL hook up resides.

In another vein--what an odd phrase that is, does it hark back to blood letting, vampires, or mining?? -- the Luna Sea site is finally back on line. I moved the server to Dreamhost from the now defunct Sirius, which is in Chapter 11. Alas, it is registered with Network Solutions and it took about 6 weeks to do this. Okay, to be fair, part of the problem was that the name of the ED was never changed at Network Solutions so I had to run around and get signatures etc. But Network Solutions kept giving me wrong or incomplete information. I tried to include a link, but their site isn't coming up.....

Dia, who designed, built, and now maintains the site, was great in getting the web site up quickly. Yeah, Dia!!

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