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Friday, June 07, 2002
      ( 11:12 AM ) Jackie  


I was talking to my sister Susan yesterday and she mentioned that Brooke will be having her last dance recital next Friday. Brooke is my niece. She's had her own business teaching dance to children and teens for ten years. That's since she was 20!!! Now she's selling the business. I was there for the first recital -- as was Choire, who came from New York as a delightful surprise!! (at least I think that was the event where he surprised me in Chicago). So I want to be there for the last one too.

I got on good old Priceline and got Cheap Tickets. On what they claim is a Major Airline. U.S. Airways? I think not. In any case, I will be going to Chicago from San Francisco via Philadelphia. And they were able to get me a center seat from SF to Philadelphia, too!

I'm missing Liquid Fire this week-end, which is very disappointing. But I'll get to visiti my godchild and great neice Madison. Such a trade off!

I may have to buy an extra battery for my laptop for this odyssey!

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