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Monday, July 15, 2002
      ( 10:31 AM ) Jackie  

Coming Up for Air

Much of my week-end was spent doing the 24-hour quick-step, otherwise known as having the flu--which has lasted more than 24 hours now. Or maybe it was those leftover shrimp I had for dinner on Thursday. Ugh!

Still, I managed to take 2 drum classes and attend one outdoor birthday party. I paid the price with exhaustion but sure slept well. I woke up today feeling....good. It feels a little strange.

While lolling around awaiting the next bathroom run I finally called the advice nurse at the Podiatry Department of Kaiser about my chronically hurting foot. Rest, she said, slow down, elevate foot, ice, anti-inflammatories, wrap the foot if you need to walk. I have a little table with a pillow under my desk and extra pillows on my bed. I have an appointment with the doctor on August 13, but I'm expecting her/him to say what the advice nurse said. I recently had an x-ray so at least I know it's not broken again.

My computer is working today. Which really sucks, because I hate intermittent problems. It's been giving the dreaded flashing question mark. After calling Apple Support once again I sent it to Apple to be fixed.

I got it back very quickly. And there it was -- the dreaded flashing question mark--again, still, yet. Apparently they had put in a new cable but neglected to see if that solved the problem....

I spent hours last week with techs at Apple. It would work fine all day. Then in the morning....flashing question mark. It was a hard fail on Friday. Then I tried one more time and voila! So while it was working I backed up all my files. Saturday it was the flashing question mark. It started working after I did the usual resets (the ones that sometimes fix it and sometimes do not).

I moved to OS X with Aqua "its stunning new interface" on Tuesday, hoping that would solve the problem. Then I upgraded the OS. I also had to download and install a new printerdriver, find arcane information about ftp program Fetch on OS X. And like that.

But even though "Mac OS X is a super-modern operating system that combines the power and stability of UNIX with the simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh" there was the dreaded question mark the next morning.

So I was going to take the baby in for a tune-up by my local certified Apple technician at Compuware, dispatch number in hand as it's under warranty. Now it's working. What's a girl to do? From the Apple notes I gather that a girl may need to reinstall her OS. aaaaaahh!

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