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Monday, July 08, 2002
      ( 12:22 PM ) Jackie  

Freedom Rings

I spent the long week-end with 20 or so wonderful women, cavorting on women's land in Northern California.

We listened to an amazing variety of music and the younger women astounded me by knowing -- and singing and dancing to -- long and complicated songs with driving beats.

The women who live on the land cleaned the swimming pool and refilled it with fresh water from the springs.Some dove gracefully, some cannonballed, and some walked slowly into the water. All were refreshed.

We cooked delicious fresh food, on the grills set up by our hostesses. Some women picked wild red raspberries and our hostess made pancakes with red raspberry syrup. Great quantities of water and other beverages were consumed.

Some of us brought pieces for the altar created in the teepee. Our drums, bells, shakeres, claves, drumsticks, and kalimbas stayed there at night.

We drummed and played other percussions, laughed, told stories, teased and flirted.

All I could hear at night in my tent in the forest was a symphony of wind as it drifted through the trees, accompanied be an occasional bird and many cicadas and frogs playing the bottom, keeping the beat.

The stars came out for us every night, glorious in the deep dark sky. A single shooting star was all the fireworks I could ever need.

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Words and photos from Jackie in Oakland, CA. More I cannot tell you ... I won't know what it is until I do it.

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