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Thursday, July 11, 2002
      ( 12:59 PM ) Jackie  

A Game You Can't Win

In it's ongoing recruitment of young people, the Army has created a computer game "that will let players be all they can digitally be." The game purports to let a player assume the role of a new recruit. The recruit joins an Army team "pitted in an online battle against terrorists."

We can't feed the hungry and we can't house the homeless, but damn! we sure can make computer games. Whilel Ashcroft babbles on about "the homeland", the Army has created HomeLan. And in the course of doing that is spreading the propaganda of terrorism, glamorizing violence, and feeding our youth lies about the Army.

Ok, I couldn't download the program (only an .exe file is available and you know what that means for us mac heads.)

Still, I'm pretty sure that none of the recruits in the game have to deal with the Army messing with their pay. They probably aren't forced to sing variations of "Burn, Rape, Pillage, and Kill" while they march. They probably aren't harrassed for the smallest infraction or perceived infraction or made up infraction.

In any case, I urge you all to go the the site, register download the software, and provide your comments and suggestions on the forum.

And for more information on the Armed Services, you can check out the GI Rights web site.

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