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Monday, August 12, 2002
      ( 12:30 PM ) Jackie  

I've Got Blisters on My Fingers

I've got blisters on my fingers and joy in my heart. Late last night I arrived home after 10 days of drumming and singing and watching the most amazing and beautiful dance teachers and students at Congolese Dance and Drum Camp. I Iearned a lot too and my drumming is stronger after drumming for 3+ hours a day. The blisters are on the middle, ring, and little fingers of my right hand and result not only from a lot of drumming but from a lot of drumming with poor technique on my slaps. I'll be happy when the blister is on my index finger!! Well, maybe my body will teach me where other lessons have not!

The camp in Hawaii (Maui) will be a little later this year: February 20-March 2, so fares will be cheaper than last year. And great good news: There will be a Congolese Dance and Drum Camp in Paris next year in July (July 5-July 14). I don't have the details yet but the plan is to rent a school that will have facilities for sleeping and eating and a good dance floor. The camp will also obtain a group airfare, so it looks like it will be manageable financially. Well, I'm going even if it isn't manageable!!! I don't see why little things like being unemployed and having my savings go down the toilet in the stock market should stop me from drumming in Paris.

Coming home last night the traffic on Highway 80 was horrible and I was tired and exhausted from the heat -- It was107 degrees when I was packing and tacking down my tent. I was glad to get home safe after almost nodding off a couple of times. As much as I loved being at camp and enjoyed my tent, it was good to sleep, for a very long time, in my own bed last night.

I have tons and tons of photos to process and put up on the web site. That'll keep me out of trouble until I get to New York to visit Choire. I can hardly wait for that!!!

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