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Thursday, August 22, 2002
      ( 12:36 AM ) Jackie  


I thought that packing would be easy. After all, I'm just going to the beach. A couple of t-shirts, a few pair of shorts, and a swim suit would be all I could need. Then I realized I would be going into the city, so a nice pair of pants and shirt seemed necessary. The shirt turned into a sleeveless shirt with a long-sleeved shirt over it. Then I realized how comfortable those Bemberg cropped pants are and how easy to wash--beside being "stylish, versatile, and fun." So thought I would take a second pair for hanging out in. Of course the shirt that goes with the first pair of pants doesn't looks as good with the second pair of pants.....well, you can see where this is going.

It wouldn't really matter how much I packed if I weren't staying with Choire in the city on Thursday night. The bag has to go up many flights of stairs. Good thing he's been working out.

But I'm really not bringing much in the way of clothes. It's the cameras and the computer that will get me in the final analysis. I actually thought about leaving the computer at home. Horrors! But I'm hoping Choire and I will spend some time creating a blog template for me.

Yes, I should be in bed by now since I need to leave before dawn even thinks about cracking. I do have a few housekeeping things to do and then I'll get a couple hours of sleep. Fortunately for me, I can now sleep on planes so I hope to arrive in New York reasonably rested and ready to play for a while. The other passengers near me may not fare so well as I do tend to snore rather loudly. I'm hoping it won't be so bad when I'm sitting up......

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